The product I wanted is sold out. Will it return?
In the event of a return, the product which was previously sold out, may be available online again. So, we advise you to check our online store frequently. 

When will a determined product be available?
Launch dates are always announced in our social media pages and by e-mail. Stay tuned.

Is a determined product still available? 
You may consult stock availability here in our online store. 

May I order a product that already sold out and make reservations?
We don't accept reservations, or orders for sold out products.

My order hasn't arrived yet. How can I track it?
As soon as your order leaves our warehouse, CR7 Footwear will send you a message for the email which you registered with. Subsequently, you will receive an email ou text message from our carrier with a tracking code, so you can check the status of your order. (Verify if the email isn't in your junk mail).

Where can I buy CR7 Footwear?
In our online store. 

I've chosen to pay with an ATM pay reference. I've forgotten to make the payment until 23h59m of the day in which I ordered. How do I proceed?
You order will be canceled, so the products will once again be available in our stock. Re-order it.

Once I've made the order, is it possible to alter the delivery address?
To alter your address, contact our carrier, requesting the address alteration. This request must be done as soon as possible.

For further information go to

Once I've made the order, may I alter the billing data?
To alter your billing data contact our Customer Support at

Could any delays occur in the delivery of my order?
Both team CR7 Footwear and our carrier, work daily to ensure deliveries are made on time. However during launches, there may be some delays due to an higher volume of orders. We appreciate your understanding. For further information contact our Customer Support at 

Will I receive the same product that I see in the picture?
Pictures are taken in high definition with the purpose of depicting in detail each one of our products.There may be some differences in products in which the material itself and it's making process influence the final result.The print position may also vary within the same product style.